Paneer Recipe

If you are outside of India and tired of frozen paneer which is available in store, you are in the right place.  Before giving you this short, easy and quick paneer recipe I want to mention that I have learned  to make paneer at home out of this desperation exactly like you.  I love paneer dishes. And here in US, we only get frozen paneer in Indian grocery stores.  This is not only expensive but also lack of that fresh taste. I heard this recipe from one of my friend and since then I never bought  Paneer from stores. You can make paneer easily at home if you follow this recipe.

Ingredients You Need:

1)  Milk

2) Vinegar

3) Cheese cloth


First take a heavy bottomed pan. Take two cups of milk .I prefer whole milk. But you can use 2%.  Usually  2 cups of milk  should serve 4 people.  Turn the heat in high and stir constantly. When the milk comes to boil add 1 tablespoon vinegar with 1 table spoon water. Mix well . In a couple of seconds milk will be curdled up.  If you feel , add 1 or 2 teaspoon more vinegar. Turn the heat off and set aside for 1 minute.  Now take the cheese cloth and pour the curdled milk ( Chhana) . Tie or fold the cheese cloth like a sack so that the staff inside can not come out.Place it under cold water for another minute.  Squeeze and  run  all the water out.  Now keep the cheese cloth sack on a flat surface ( I usually use my cutter tray for that purpose. ).  Fill a heavy and large flat bottomed pan with water and place it on the cheese cloth sack. ( the purpose is, you have to add a heavy weight on the top  , so that the cheese can be firmed). Leave it for next 2 hours.  After 2 hours remove the weight (In my case a water filled large pan)  . Voila, you will find a block of fresh home-made paneer.  Now cut it in small cubes and store in refrigerator.

Try this recipe and don’t forget to write me how it turns out.  Unfortunately I didn’t save any photos . But I  will definitely take some pictures next time and will upload it here.  You can find some relevant information about how to make Chhana( just before  pouring the  curdle milk in cheese cloth)  in Rasmalai recipe  in my blog.