Picnic at Hok-Si-La Park,Rochester,MN

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Can you believe it?  Last night I had a dream of this post , I saw few wonderful ideas about my upcoming posts and I saw that I have written the opening lines of this post in a absolutely stylish and interesting way!  I feel so helpless now, as I can not remember the details . Oh God, I think I should sleep with a pen and paper from now on…  hey, don’t laugh at me. What if I have such a wonderful dream again and miss all my tiny, little, crazy ideas?

As I mentioned in the title , this post is going to be a remembrance of a  perfect picnic day.  30th July,2011, we arranged a picnic at Hok- Si- La Park. It is near Lake City,Minnesota.  A nice place to hang on with friends and family . Near the bank of Mississippi river, it’s  like a green valley.

The room behind is well equipped with plug points

Hok-Si-La is a compact picnic spot for people with different interests. We booked a spot for $50.  The advantage of booking is that you will get a locked space like a room with lots of electric points and benches. Even if you know that there is a chance of rain,  it will not spoil the fun.

My kids became very busy right after reaching there. A little  playground with common rides and a special digging place were perfect to keep them engaged.  There is a nice beach also. In hot summer days it is a perfect enjoyment to get right into the water. Water splashes, golden beach and green carpet of nature-  all are there to welcome you. Hok-Si-La also has a camping ground. You have to contact their office if you want a camp out.

If you want to enjoy a perfect day out , try this spot. You can directly contact their office by phone or check their website .

Posing in Style

Look at those little diggers