Goodmorning Friends

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Another beautiful day is about to begin

Another wonderful day has been started . I woke up today a little early. This bright and sunny morning makes me smile. Before getting indulged in everyday work just thought to spend few minutes for myself.  Sitting with a cup of tea I am writing this post and watching the sunshine outside. Morning walkers are already out. Some of them are walking with pets. My new address is just beside Soldier’s Field ( the biggest park in Rochester; those who are familiar with Kolkata, think about bigger,  cleaner and greener Maidan).  As I live just beside the park ,I can watch people enjoying their morning and evening outside activities. Sometimes I think I am getting lazy. Now-a- days Iam watching more, thinking more and ‘DOING’ less.

May be getting lazy sometimes is just like pampering myself. I enjoy it. Usually ‘Moms’ are always in action. Have you ever seen a mom with a young kid (don’t forget I have twins) sitting idle? My kids are still sleeping. I am up to my household activities . Whether you are reading this post from your work place or from home,  just embrace this beautiful day with a big smile.