Love, being in the seventh heaven

Today I was chatting to one of my friend (read as ‘brother’) in Facebook and  found him in seventh heaven.  Before I asked him, he said that he is about to fall in love.  Now a days kids are much smarter than we used to be. They are able to  think the pros and cons of any situation they are going to face. Even if it is the big event like ‘falling in love’.

This young fellow is smart,intelligent ,recently joined a pretty good job.  The common goals, that average educated people want to achieve , he is successfully performing in his life with a ‘who cares’ type attitude. The reason I am giving a little introduction about his personality is to keep my readers aware that love is not only for ‘sentimental fools’.

My young friend told me how did he met that girl, why he likes her so much and what makes her really beautiful in his eyes.

I was reading his words and thinking that even after decades someone will feel the same way as he is feeling now . At least once in a life time each of us experienced this ‘euphoria’ . May be we expressed differently,we reacted differently. But ‘to be in love’ is really one of  the sweetest, silliest and oldest emotion we inherited from our ancestors.

Dear reader, please wish the very best to the new lover. Hope they will find each other truly complementary in their lives.

Long Live Love