Blog-writing for a Beginner

My quest brought me at the same place I began from.  I was really curious about blogging and started this blog with an intention of having some exposure to the outer world. People like me always want an open window to share thoughts and words. It is surprisingly cool to get in touch with so many great bloggers. Though I personally never could brag about myself…I mean I could never found something to brag about me. May be, I have set up a higher standard which I could never achieve personally . This is another issue to discuss.


So…. I was talking about my search. It was something about entertainment for me and my readers and also a probable business idea as time goes by. I must admit that I was not so regular for last few months. I lost motivation,was busy with life and just had no specific ideas for new posts. Well, I am back again and trying hard to get back to my very few readers and mentors. I know, it takes time to grow and expand in all aspects of life. Being focused and motivated sometime is the biggest challenge for a new blogger.

Then comes inspiration,content and style. Whenever I see an excellent blog ,excellent post I feel that how much I need to learn and grow myself. Always always be open to criticize your own work and you would be rewarded with a better and cleaner post. 

Another very important thing is the habit of reading. Nothing can enhance your power and style of writing like good books. I used to be a so-called book-worm in my childhood. Now-a-days I can hardly finish a news paper from first page to last one. But I am feeling happy at this moment that I still love to write.