Niagara Falls- A LifeTime Experience

Think Big !

This long weekend (2011,sept2-5) made a life long memory to cherish.  We went to visit Niagara falls, Buffalo, New york .  It was almost  901 miles from Rochester, Minnesota. We rented a car and  started from home on friday evening. After a long drive and one night stay in   Hammond,Indiana and another longer and eventful drive on next day we reached Niagara  on saturday. The cloudy weather and scattered rain  fall could not make the 7 musketeers feeling blue.

Me, my husband, our two kids, and three friends – no doubt we made a perfect group. And I must admit that my kids (3.5 years ) are excellent traveler.  The main attraction points are all located side by side in the Niagara State Park.  There is sufficient parking spaces (paid) for cars. State park offers their own trolly service. We took several rides to avoid lots of walking. The main attraction is’ Maid of the Mist’.  This is a cruise tour that will take you near the falls.  And you will get soaked all over.

Other attraction points are cave of the wind,goat island, 3 sisters island, terrapin point etc.  Niagara (means thundering water ) is so huge and vast that I can not even describe my feelings in words. This is something you have to see if you want to get the true feeling of its beauty.Somehow I felt that even my senses are not able to behold its beauty and  vastness. This amazing creation of nature will compel you to feel  respect towards mother nature.  Standing in front of Niagara I just could thought that how small we are before this universe.

Every night Niagara falls are illuminated with lights and there is a fireworks show in every month.  For detail information you can visit here .

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A Place to Visit – Maple Grove HinduTemple

Lazy couch time, friends, some good liqueur, good food– sounds a perfect weekend. The Saturday  was well spent after busy weekdays. But we were hovering to drive and looking for a place to visit outside the town. We decided to visit the Hindu Temple in Maple Grove near Minneapolis on Sunday morning. It was near about 2 hours drive from our home.


The weather was partly cloudy ( I find it most romantic and  a mood maker). Kids were up and we were ready to start.  I obviously took my camera. I heard that the place is really beautiful. We reached there at about12.30.  The temple is really huge and very beautiful.  This hindu temple very much resembles the south-indian temples in architecture and style.  I took some pictures which you can see here. But unfortunately photos and videos are not allowed inside.  Therefore I could not take snapshots of the beautiful interior.

The Entrance

The area was very clean and tidy. The greenery outside gives a sense of peace. The feeling of tranquility was an extra gift.  The main hall which consists the idols of Gods and Goddesses from each part of India  can accommodate 865 people. We took lunch there. You can buy ‘thali’ [Plate full with different veg items with Rice and Puri(one type of bread)] . It costs $5 per ‘thali’. Kids are free.

It is really a good place to visit. Even if you are from other religion  or among a non believer , you may visit this Temple in Maple Grove as   a tourist spot. I am sure that you will find this place  somehow attractive. For address and driving information look  here . This temple has its own  website  where you can find more information.

Picnic at Hok-Si-La Park,Rochester,MN

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Can you believe it?  Last night I had a dream of this post , I saw few wonderful ideas about my upcoming posts and I saw that I have written the opening lines of this post in a absolutely stylish and interesting way!  I feel so helpless now, as I can not remember the details . Oh God, I think I should sleep with a pen and paper from now on…  hey, don’t laugh at me. What if I have such a wonderful dream again and miss all my tiny, little, crazy ideas?

As I mentioned in the title , this post is going to be a remembrance of a  perfect picnic day.  30th July,2011, we arranged a picnic at Hok- Si- La Park. It is near Lake City,Minnesota.  A nice place to hang on with friends and family . Near the bank of Mississippi river, it’s  like a green valley.

The room behind is well equipped with plug points

Hok-Si-La is a compact picnic spot for people with different interests. We booked a spot for $50.  The advantage of booking is that you will get a locked space like a room with lots of electric points and benches. Even if you know that there is a chance of rain,  it will not spoil the fun.

My kids became very busy right after reaching there. A little  playground with common rides and a special digging place were perfect to keep them engaged.  There is a nice beach also. In hot summer days it is a perfect enjoyment to get right into the water. Water splashes, golden beach and green carpet of nature-  all are there to welcome you. Hok-Si-La also has a camping ground. You have to contact their office if you want a camp out.

If you want to enjoy a perfect day out , try this spot. You can directly contact their office by phone or check their website .

Posing in Style

Look at those little diggers