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Plunging the mind

What we do always ,what we think as a lifestyle,a normal co existence in life is not always a style of living we deserve. Sometimes life breaks rules. Sometimes we create something that does not belong to our regular lifestyle, still very much known. It is an emptiness, a dark grey heavy cloud of nothingness that occurs occasionally in people’s life. Everything is time bound, as I felt. Each moments will come and would go…….. surprising, yet true. Only we can take a plunge in deep down our mind. So many mysterious thoughts, moments and memories are there. Even we, the so called master of our soul, can not recognize each of them.
going deep down through the memory lane I have a winter morning memory.. I was with my father in a bi cycle. My father was taking me to school and I saw a violate flower beside the dusty road … I can never forget that cold morning and the ecstasy of beauty. I wish my last breath would have been taken away cherishing that old bi cycle ride with my father while I was a little girl . Once my parents were talking about something. I can not remember the topic as I was too little. But I remember she had one of her clothes in hand and shook it. My brother was so innocent when he was a child. Once I did something wrong and my Ma scolded him, because it was him who usually used to do such things. He did not tell my mom that I did it. He said nothing and just looked at me. Still now I can not forget his eyes which were telling me ‘ Didibhai (sister), please tell mom that you did it, not me.’ And his silence told me everything I could never forgive myself for that moment of life. And still that moment when memories started to grow up till now I have so many unforgettable moments. I f feel blessed to have such wonderful world with family and friend… without whom I am nothing. For being loved, respected, recognized, accepted … I am grateful to this world.

Besan er Laddu

laddu 118

After a long time I am here.  Feeling great . Thank you so much to all of my friends who liked and asked for this recipe after yesterday’s Facebook update.  This recipe is really simple and very easy to make even if you are an amateur cook.

Ingredients you need: 

  1. Ghee/clarified butter –  3/4  tablespoon
  2. Besan/Gram flour-  2 cup
  3. Sooji/Semolina-  2 teaspoons
  4. Salt-  1pinch
  5. Powdered Sugar- 1 cup
  6. Cardamom powder- 1/2 teaspoon

Take a microwave proof bowl and put the ghee in it. Microwave for  45 seconds or until melted. Mix sooji , besan and 1 pinch of salt. Mix it well with the ghee.  Now microwave it for 2 minutes. Take it out. Stir well with a spoon and microwave for another  2 minutes. Take it out , stir and microwave for another 1 minute.  Besan mix should be darker yellow/light brown in color and you should smell the nice aroma .  If you feel that you need to microwave it another 1/2 minutes- do it.  Mine was ready in 5 minutes. But it depends on the power of microwave.  Here I would like to mention that the bowl should be uncovered when you microwave it.

Now set it aside until it comes into room temperature or cool down completely.  We need powdered sugar for this recipe. But don’t worry if you don’t have it at home.  Use your grinder and regular sugar and make one cup of powdered sugar as I did yesterday.  Now mix sugar and the cardamom powder with the Besan . You can add some crushed nuts if you want to. I just added raisin for decoration.  Your laddu mixture is ready .  take equal portions and make laddus. Save it in a air tight container and refrigerate.

This is the best and easiest part of the recipe-  Eat them my friend.laddu 118


Blog-writing for a Beginner

My quest brought me at the same place I began from.  I was really curious about blogging and started this blog with an intention of having some exposure to the outer world. People like me always want an open window to share thoughts and words. It is surprisingly cool to get in touch with so many great bloggers. Though I personally never could brag about myself…I mean I could never found something to brag about me. May be, I have set up a higher standard which I could never achieve personally . This is another issue to discuss.


So…. I was talking about my search. It was something about entertainment for me and my readers and also a probable business idea as time goes by. I must admit that I was not so regular for last few months. I lost motivation,was busy with life and just had no specific ideas for new posts. Well, I am back again and trying hard to get back to my very few readers and mentors. I know, it takes time to grow and expand in all aspects of life. Being focused and motivated sometime is the biggest challenge for a new blogger.

Then comes inspiration,content and style. Whenever I see an excellent blog ,excellent post I feel that how much I need to learn and grow myself. Always always be open to criticize your own work and you would be rewarded with a better and cleaner post. 

Another very important thing is the habit of reading. Nothing can enhance your power and style of writing like good books. I used to be a so-called book-worm in my childhood. Now-a-days I can hardly finish a news paper from first page to last one. But I am feeling happy at this moment that I still love to write.

When I close my eyes….

The greatest lesson life taught me is to  forget and forgive.  It ‘s not easy always.  We can not control everything in our life. We can not get chances to correct all the errors we made.  The reality is that I have only this moment to live for sure. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Live this moment to its fullest. Be grateful for what you have.

One cold night , one cold bed

You were out for butter- n -bread

Words were few, nothing was new

Just a single thought…

Would it be that I should react

If rest of my breath were few?

I wish to love my best,

I wish to live my best

As the Life is short and moments grew.

Niagara Falls- A LifeTime Experience

Think Big !

This long weekend (2011,sept2-5) made a life long memory to cherish.  We went to visit Niagara falls, Buffalo, New york .  It was almost  901 miles from Rochester, Minnesota. We rented a car and  started from home on friday evening. After a long drive and one night stay in   Hammond,Indiana and another longer and eventful drive on next day we reached Niagara  on saturday. The cloudy weather and scattered rain  fall could not make the 7 musketeers feeling blue.

Me, my husband, our two kids, and three friends – no doubt we made a perfect group. And I must admit that my kids (3.5 years ) are excellent traveler.  The main attraction points are all located side by side in the Niagara State Park.  There is sufficient parking spaces (paid) for cars. State park offers their own trolly service. We took several rides to avoid lots of walking. The main attraction is’ Maid of the Mist’.  This is a cruise tour that will take you near the falls.  And you will get soaked all over.

Other attraction points are cave of the wind,goat island, 3 sisters island, terrapin point etc.  Niagara (means thundering water ) is so huge and vast that I can not even describe my feelings in words. This is something you have to see if you want to get the true feeling of its beauty.Somehow I felt that even my senses are not able to behold its beauty and  vastness. This amazing creation of nature will compel you to feel  respect towards mother nature.  Standing in front of Niagara I just could thought that how small we are before this universe.

Every night Niagara falls are illuminated with lights and there is a fireworks show in every month.  For detail information you can visit here .

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Red Velvet Vegetable Curry

Ever wonder- what to cook with beet roots? I have recently bought lots of red beets from farmers’ market.  Today I have used the half of it and made a red velvet vegetable curry. The name ‘Red Velvet Vegetable Curry’ is given by me . This dish is so gorgeous in looking. I have learned this recipe from my mom-in-law. You can make this dish with beet roots , some common vegetable and spices. I found it tasty, healthy and easy to cook. Red velvet vegetable curry may be a quick addition to your lunch or dinner.

Ingredients You Need:









(5)  2 teaspoon butter,   ( 6)  1/2 tablespoon oil,    (7) ground black pepper,   (8) 2 green chilli,    ( 9) salt,  ( 10)   sugar

Start with adding butter and oil in pressure cooker. If you do not  have  pressure cooker use a  pan with lid.  Turn the heat high. Add onion and green chilli. Add potato  and stir until it changes color slightly. It should take 2 minutes. Now add the tomatoes and fry for another 1 minute. Add the beet root cubes and fry. Add salt,sugar and pepper according to your taste. Now add 1/2 cup of water and cover the lid. It should take 5 to 6 whistles to fully cook  the vegetables. If you are using a pan with a lid, just cover the lid, turn the heat in medium low and let it be cooked for another 10 minutes or until the beets and potatoes are tender.

My red velvet vegetable curry is ready to serve.

Red Velvet Vegetable Curry

A Place to Visit – Maple Grove HinduTemple

Lazy couch time, friends, some good liqueur, good food– sounds a perfect weekend. The Saturday  was well spent after busy weekdays. But we were hovering to drive and looking for a place to visit outside the town. We decided to visit the Hindu Temple in Maple Grove near Minneapolis on Sunday morning. It was near about 2 hours drive from our home.


The weather was partly cloudy ( I find it most romantic and  a mood maker). Kids were up and we were ready to start.  I obviously took my camera. I heard that the place is really beautiful. We reached there at about12.30.  The temple is really huge and very beautiful.  This hindu temple very much resembles the south-indian temples in architecture and style.  I took some pictures which you can see here. But unfortunately photos and videos are not allowed inside.  Therefore I could not take snapshots of the beautiful interior.

The Entrance

The area was very clean and tidy. The greenery outside gives a sense of peace. The feeling of tranquility was an extra gift.  The main hall which consists the idols of Gods and Goddesses from each part of India  can accommodate 865 people. We took lunch there. You can buy ‘thali’ [Plate full with different veg items with Rice and Puri(one type of bread)] . It costs $5 per ‘thali’. Kids are free.

It is really a good place to visit. Even if you are from other religion  or among a non believer , you may visit this Temple in Maple Grove as   a tourist spot. I am sure that you will find this place  somehow attractive. For address and driving information look  here . This temple has its own  website  where you can find more information.

Paneer Recipe

If you are outside of India and tired of frozen paneer which is available in store, you are in the right place.  Before giving you this short, easy and quick paneer recipe I want to mention that I have learned  to make paneer at home out of this desperation exactly like you.  I love paneer dishes. And here in US, we only get frozen paneer in Indian grocery stores.  This is not only expensive but also lack of that fresh taste. I heard this recipe from one of my friend and since then I never bought  Paneer from stores. You can make paneer easily at home if you follow this recipe.

Ingredients You Need:

1)  Milk

2) Vinegar

3) Cheese cloth


First take a heavy bottomed pan. Take two cups of milk .I prefer whole milk. But you can use 2%.  Usually  2 cups of milk  should serve 4 people.  Turn the heat in high and stir constantly. When the milk comes to boil add 1 tablespoon vinegar with 1 table spoon water. Mix well . In a couple of seconds milk will be curdled up.  If you feel , add 1 or 2 teaspoon more vinegar. Turn the heat off and set aside for 1 minute.  Now take the cheese cloth and pour the curdled milk ( Chhana) . Tie or fold the cheese cloth like a sack so that the staff inside can not come out.Place it under cold water for another minute.  Squeeze and  run  all the water out.  Now keep the cheese cloth sack on a flat surface ( I usually use my cutter tray for that purpose. ).  Fill a heavy and large flat bottomed pan with water and place it on the cheese cloth sack. ( the purpose is, you have to add a heavy weight on the top  , so that the cheese can be firmed). Leave it for next 2 hours.  After 2 hours remove the weight (In my case a water filled large pan)  . Voila, you will find a block of fresh home-made paneer.  Now cut it in small cubes and store in refrigerator.

Try this recipe and don’t forget to write me how it turns out.  Unfortunately I didn’t save any photos . But I  will definitely take some pictures next time and will upload it here.  You can find some relevant information about how to make Chhana( just before  pouring the  curdle milk in cheese cloth)  in Rasmalai recipe  in my blog.

A Splash of Color

It is in our nature to feel good by making our surrounding beautiful.  Adding a little splash of color to your room should not cost a fortune always. Go, get  outside. Pick some colors from nature and display to cherish.

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